Friday, 5 December 2014

One-Pot Rice Cooker Dinner

Everyone was pretty tired last night, so I was glad that I'd planned an easy, throw-together meal for Thursday evening. The basic concept is pretty simple: toss some rice and water into your rice cooker, add some meat and vegetables along with whatever seasonings you want, turn the rice cooker on and you're all set. Once the rice is done, just give it a stir and dish it up!

Here's what went into mine last night:
2 "rice cooker cups" brown jasmine rice
water (up to the 2 cup line)
5 dried Chinese black mushrooms
1/4 of a whole star anise
1 pkg. Chinese sausages, sliced thin
bok choy (as much as would fit in the cooker)
a couple splashes of light soy sauce
a dash of hoisin sauce
a pinch of white pepper
a splash of black vinegar
served with sweet chile sauce

If I think of it next time, I might try to sauté an onion in the bottom of the rice cooker before I add the other ingredients. Or, if I happen to have any green onions on hand, it might be nice to chop a few and toss them in with the bok choy. I think I'll also try adding a splash of Shaoxing wine next time too. I would've thrown some in this time if I'd thought of it but, as I said, we were all pretty tired last night, so I wasn't as on top of the seasonings as I might've otherwise been. Still, it came out tolerably tasty and, most importantly, was very, very easy!

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